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I have used Wanda’s financial services, both professionally and personally, for over 15 years and I continue to be amazed at her incredible understanding of finances, taxes and strategic financial planning. She has saved me thousands of dollars. While her skills are highly professional and technical, she manages to break everything down for me in easy to understand, and easy to implement components. She is down to earth, honest and her integrity is above reproach. I wholeheartedly recommend Wanda to anyone in need of an accountant they can trust completely.

- Pam Lindemann, Owner
The IEP Advocate, Inc.



"Wanda and her team are the epitome of a customer service oriented outsourced accounting team. They are efficient, friendly, highly responsive, and wonderfully patient in explaining complicated tax guidelines. Wanda and her team make the complex easily consumable, and take the worry out of whether or not you’re paying your taxes correctly!"

- Monica W, CSP, CEO



"Much thanks to you and your team for ALWAYS making time to help me to expand my business. When I have questions, you have ANSWERS; you're the best! Thanks!"

- Dr Cheryl B.



"My husband and I have used Wanda for many years. She has always been up front and honest with us regarding our taxes. We had a situation once where we forgot to mention to Wanda about cashing in some stock and we had to pay IRS. Wanda helped us resolve the problem quickly. If anyone needs a tax advisor or tax preparer please call Wanda, she knows what she is doing, giving you peace of mind."

- Maddie K.
Orlando, FL



"To Everyone Seeking an Outstanding CPA,


I highly recommend Wanda Talley Schebel for all of your accounting needs, especially if you have to interact with the Internal Revenue Service.

Last year, a document sent to the IRS was inadvertently not signed. The result was that a requested extension for filing the chamber's form 990 was never approved and months later, we received a letter stating that we owed penalties in excess of $2,200.00. Wanda Talley Schebel contacted the IRS on our behalf and explained the error and requested that the penalties be reversed. Several weeks later, we received a letter from the IRS that they accepted our explanation for the error and reversed the penalties.

Not knowing how to effectively communicate with the IRS, we could have never accomplished this on our own. Thanks to Wanda Talley Schebel, the funds we saved will now be used to further our mission to build business, build community and build the Kingdom.

Again, if you are seeking an accounting professional with whom you can have absolute confidence and trust in handling both personal and business finances, I do not know anyone better than Wanda Talley Schebel."

- Mark J. Goldstein
President/CEO Central Florida Christian Chamber



"We have been using Wanda Schebel ever since my Dad passed away 5 years ago. There were complicated financial issues with multiple family trusts and Wanda made everything easy for us. She gives personal service and she takes the fear out of dealing with the IRS. We would not trust anyone else to handle our taxes."


- Amy S.
Orlando, FL